Watch a ‘Boyhood’ behind the scenes featurette, 12 years in the making

Patricia Arquette, Ellar Coltrane, and Lorelei Linklater in Boyhood

Gene Siskel had a saying: “Is this movie more interesting than a documentary about how they made it?”

Boyhood is an amazing film, but within every item of press and even the fabric of the very movie is weaved the story of how Richard Linklater took a young boy, Ellar Coltrane, and watched him grow up over 12 years. And in that regard, I can’t think of another behind the scenes story I’d more like to see this year than one on Boyhood.

Hulu has gotten access to a 10-minute long behind the scenes featurette of interviews with the cast and with Linklater near the start of the project and looking back upon its completion. And it’s good enough to make your eyes well up all over again, knowing that in a way you’ve grown up with these people and these characters.

It touches on how Linklater came up with the initial idea, to want to make a movie about childhood, but finding that he wanted to explore the many aspects of it. It finds Patricia Arquette claiming that she agreed to the project upon hearing the idea, and even before she knew which part she’d play. And it even has a cute moment of a young Lorelei Linklater admitting she has a few thoughts on her daddy’s Waking Life. Watch the video via Hulu below:


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