Watch a Chevy Malibu Ad Directed by Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi

Man, when is Sam Raimi gonna direct another horror movie? Drag Me to Hell has 7 years ago, and besides the awesome Ash vs The Evil Dead pilot, all we’ve gotten from Raimi in the last few years is…..Oz the Great and Powerful. But Raimi has been busy, despite how it may look. He’s currently attached as a producer for the big-screen adaptation of The Last of Us, as well as a horror/thriller called A Man in the Dark. But for those of us desperate for a fix of the kind of horror hi-jinx that made Raimi famous, this Chevy Malibu ad will have to do.

Of course, this being an ad intended to air on TV and in movie theatres, don’t look for any of Raimi’s signature popping eyeballs, gushing blood, or quick zooms. There is nary a chainsaw to be seen or heard, I’m sad to say. Honestly, if you didn’t tell me that Raimi was behind this one, I might not have guessed. Still, it’s a fun ad, even if it doesn’t convince you to go out and drop a few thousand bucks on a brand new Malibu.

You can take a look at the ad below.

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