Watch a clip from ‘Blood Money’, starring and co-directed by Tony Tarantino

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Quentin Tarantino is often criticized for his terrible acting, and with good reason. The subject came up again during our Tarantino month-long tribute, back in December. Justine Smith wrote a very interesting piece, titled simply, Tarantino the Actor. While she did not defend the director’s skill in front of the camera, she did however, defend his performance in From Dusk Till Dawn, stating:


The only time that Tarantino has ever given a truly impressive performance is in From Dusk Till Dawn, where he plays a mentally unstable killer who has difficulty distinguishing reality from fiction. He is perfectly cast in this role, as his natural “strangeness” works directly in favour of the character. In comparison with George Clooney, who navigates this universe with familiarity and an effortless sense of cool, Tarantino’s character struggles to understand the moral boundaries of this criminal milieu. He is literally out of place in this universe, and it works entirely in the film’s favour.


Well it seems his lack of talent as an actor, runs in the family. Website Dangerous Minds recently posted a video showing the acting work of his estranged father, Tony Tarantino. As expected, like father, like son, his dad’s performance is downright terrible. The clip comes from Blood Money, a film Tony Tarantino co-directed. Thankfully Quentin doesn’t follow in his dad’s footsteps when it comes to directing.


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