Watch A Clip From Episode 2 Of ‘True Detective’: Hart Is A Family Man


A new clip from this Sunday’s True Detective season 1, episode 2, has been released, with Woody Harrelson’s Hart in the spotlight. This week HBO also posted the show’s incredible opening credits to YouTube, which I’ve also embedded below. True Detective premiered last week to ratings that make it HBO’s most successful drama debut since Boardwalk Empire premiered in 2010. In my review I wrote, “True Detective is many things – a beautifully poised, slow and ominous work of a mature, sure-handed director, and a show that works well as an immersive character study. This is an intelligent, well acted, superbly photographed series, with a subtle score and a gripping murder mystery”. Check out my reviews here, and don’t forget to tune into our Darkness Becomes You Podcast – every week we discuss each episode of True Detective and speculate on where it’s headed.

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