Watch a new trailer for MTV’s upcoming ‘Scream’ series


Wes Craven’s 1996 feature Scream garnered critical and commercial acclaim during the time of its release for displaying an awareness of the tropes that had entrenched themselves in slasher movies over the years. The success of the film spawned three sequels, with the last feature, titled Scream 4, coming on 2011.

Now the series is poised to return once again, but on the small screen at MTV. With the adaptation being penned by Harper’s Island and Eureka scribe Jill Blotevogel, the series has Wes Craven onboard as executive producer. The cast includes Alpha House‘s Willa Fitzgerald and Arrow‘s Bex Taylor-Klaus, and the premise is as follows.

What starts as a YouTube video going viral, soon leads to problems for the teenagers of Lakewood and serves as the catalyst for a murder that opens up a window to the town’s troubled past.

Ahead of the series premiere on June 30th, a new trailer has been released, and can be seen below.

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