Watch a Pre-Vis Short by the Stars and Director of The Raid

Pre Vis video by Gareth Evans

With The Raid 3 still several years away and the appearance by the franchise’s stars in Star Wars: The Force Awakens more of a cheeky cameo than a full-on fight scene (and why exactly was that, Abrams, grumble grumble), fans of the franchise are probably looking for a fresh fix of long-haired, camera-jostling, ultra-violent Raid action. While it doesn’t deliver on the ultra-violence front, a new pre-vis video shot by Raid director Gareth Evans and starring franchise regular Yayan Ruhian was uploaded to Evans’ youtube account earlier today, and may help fill the void until Raid 3 arrives.

For those not in the know, pre-vis is short for pre-visualization, and refers to videos or animations intended to test action or effects sequences and visuals before shooting begins. Think of them as a step up from storyboards, a way for directors and visual artists to see how certain sequences or ideas look on screen and in motion. The new video, a simple samurai short, sadly isn’t a test for an Evans-directed samurai film, but is instead intended as a test to see if the hyper-kinetic Raid style can still work in the constraints of PG-13 violence, meaning no one gets their throat removed or gets an extreme piercing by way of a broken florescent light.

Especially if you take it for what it is, the video is a fun little action short that mixes Evans’ usual style with more swordplay than we’ve seen in any of his Raid movies. Obviously, it’s lacking in a lot of polish. The swords clearly aren’t even close to real, flopping and bending and obviously rarely connecting, and the sound effects are pretty rudimentary. But given that it was thrown together in a few weeks as a simple visual test, I think these faults are to be expected and excusable.

Sadly, embedding has been disabled by the uploader, so you’ll have to follow this link to watch the short. Enjoy!

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