Watch a side by side comparison of the famous ‘Red Dragon’ scene adapted three times

Hannibal6143 (1)

The events of Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon has been adapted to the screen three different times; first in Michael Mann’s Manhunter; later in Brett Ratner’s Red Dragon; and recently in Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal. Fans of the original source material will continue to argue about which is best adapted, specifically the famous scene in where Will Graham visits Hannibal.To help those of us who care, video editor Matthew Morettini has put together a supercut that fuses the three different versions of this scene together. All three versions essentially borrow most of Harris’ original dialogue, making it easy for Morettini to splice together each version so that it cuts from one iteration to the next seamlessly. The video offers a chance for fans to see the difference in both, the performances by actors Brian Cox, Anthony Hopkins and Mads Mikkelsen, along with the stylistic choices made by each director. I also recommend checking out our review of Manhunter, which closely examines Michael Mann’s take, as well as this fantastic article by Ryan Vlastelica of The AVClub. Enjoy!

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