Watch a story reel featuring Chris Farley as the titular voice in ‘Shrek’


The untimely demise of numerous performers over the years have left a huge question of what projects would look like if they were still alive, projects that they were either involved in, rumoured for, or which fit into their previous body of work. The situation has been no different for the late comedian Chris Farley, whose legacy continues to bring up these questions 18 years after his death.

When Farley died in 1997, he was involved in a number of projects, including a third entry in the Ghostbusters franchise and a biopic of performer Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle. One of the projects that was near completion, however, was the animated film Shrek, the work of which Farley had nearly completed, providing the voice of the main character. Farley’s death sent the movie into rewrites and recasting for numerous roles, with Mike Myers ultimately taking Farley’s place on the project, with the finished feature released in 2001. Now, however, a sample of Farley’s work on the film has been released, indicating what his take on the character would have looked like opposite Eddie Murphy’s Donkey. The clip can be seen below.

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