Watch a teaser for Sion Sono’s ‘All Esper Dayo’


Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono has garnered a reputation for himself as  a prolific filmmaker in the international movie community, releasing atleast one film a year since 1997, and often releasing multiple, such as in 2005, which saw four films from Sono become available to the public. Sono looks to top himself in 2015, with six features from the filmmaker poised to be released, including Tag, Love & Peace, and Shinjuku Swan.

Another of the entries in that collection is All Esper Dayo. Also known as The Virgin Psychics, the film is an adaptation of the manga Minna! Esupa Dayo!, which already has a tv adaptation. The story focuses on a group of teenagers who get telepathic powers overnight, and use them to comedic effect. Sometani Shôta will be reprising his role for the film from the tv adaptation of the story, and the first teaser for the film has now been released. With the film poised to hit theatres in Japan on September 4th, the teaser can be seen below.

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