Watch a teaser trailer for season two of ‘Game Of Thrones’

Just about everyone I know was more than impressed with the first season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. The Sound On Sight crew voted it one of the best shows of 2011, and we dedicated an entire podcast to discussing the series. With season two on the way, HBO has released a trailer, and thanks to YouTube, us Canadians can finally watch it.

Most of the season one cast is slated to return, along with a slew of new stars including Stephen Dillane, Carice van Houten, Liam Cunningham, Gwendoline Christie, Natalie Dormer, Patrick Malahide, Gemma Whelan, and many more.


Game of Thrones returns April 1 at 9 PM on HBO.

Here’s the Amazon synopsis for A Clash of Kings, the second book of the series.

The Seven Kingdoms have come apart. Joffrey, Queen Cersei’s sadistic son, ascends the Iron Throne following the death of Robert Baratheon, the Usurper, who won it in battle. Queen Cersei’s family, the Lannisters, fight to hold it for him. Both the dour Stannis and the charismatic Renly Baratheon, Robert’s brothers, also seek the throne. Robb Stark, declared King in the North, battles to avenge his father’s execution and retrieve his sister from Joffrey’s court. Daenerys, the exiled last heir of the former ruling family, nurtures three dragons and seeks a way home. Meanwhile the Night’s Watch, sworn to protect the realm from dangers north of the Wall, dwindle in numbers, even as barbarian forces gather and beings out of legend stalk the Haunted Forest.

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