Watch An Incredible Five Minute Clip Of ‘The Mysterious Presages Of Leon Prozak’

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Colombia born Carlos Santa is a man of many talents. He is active as a painter, an animation artist, and a sculptor who has been regularly exhibiting his works and animations for decades. Best known for The Passenger of the Night (1990), The Dark Forest (1994) and Fragments (2000), Santa is now turning heads with his latest experimental feature entitled The Mysterious Presages of León Prozak. An allegory of the recent Latin American socio-political issues, The Mysterious Presages of León Prozak is described as a metamorphic play with film language and techniques mixing super-8 film shots, traditional and illustrated animation, scratching directly onto the film itself, rotoscoping, collage, animation of clay and sand and much more.

A five minute excerpt from the film was released online which you can watch below.

Synopsis: León Prozak decides to rent his head to Mephistopheles in order to pitch him some circus acts. Each act is conceived by an artist who expresses his vision of the world through animated paintings or drawings.

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