Watch Andy Samberg’s Emmys opening song and dance poking fun at anyone who tries to watch every TV show


There have always been a lot of shows on television but over the past three years there have been more than enough shows worth obsessing over, and nobody can find the time to watch them all. Our TV editor Kate Kulzick reviews up to 30 shows a week on The Televerse and even she can’t keep up. In a recent article she wrote, “it’s been difficult if not impossible to keep up with the shows that have broken through into the cultural conversation, let alone those only threatening to do so.” In it, she argues that “with so much intriguing, entertaining TV constantly being released, fans and critics alike need to abandon completionism, set aside their fears and just dive in”. And Andy Samberg should take her advice. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star opened the 67th Emmy Awards with a pre-filmed sketch poking fun at the enormous number of television shows on the air right now and those of us who have tried, and obviously failed, in watching it all. The video begins with Samberg’s celebrity friends, including Hannah Simone and Randall Park, at a dinner party, asking the host if he’s seen the latest episode of such shows as Game of Thrones and Orange Is the New Black. Samberg then begins to have a breakdown and in a nod to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt — he locks himself in a bunker where he spends the next year catching up on all the television shows he’s missed. Watch the video below. Enjoy!

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