Watch: ‘Are you kidding me?’ Another supercut?

Donny Berger (Adam Sandler) in Columbia Pictures' comedy THAT'S MY BOY.

Sometimes you see a supercut of Julianne Moore crying or people getting hit by busses or Kristen Stewart biting her lower lip, and you wonder, “Are you kidding me? Is every movie exactly the same?”

And no, we’re not kidding you. The latest supercut from Screen Junkies to hit the web is a collection of instances in which characters use the expression “Are you kidding me?” (or alternatively, “Are you F***ing kidding me?) Everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Emmet of The Lego Movie is on hand, proving that Hollywood screenwriters really have run out of creativity when it comes to expressing exasperation, especially when you’re Adam Sandler and just don’t care.

Watch the video below. NSFW for some language.

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