Watch Chris Prat’s SNL Highlights from the premiere of the 40th season


The debut of the 40th season of NBC’s Saturday Night Live was broadcast over the weekend and Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt hosted the premiere episode which some people think is one of the better, more consistently funny episodes in a good while, and others feel it is a mixed bag. Regardless of where you stand, there are two skits that stood out and has had everyone talking. The first gives us a glimpse of the future of Marvel movies and how the superhero studio just can’t fail — no matter what they produce. After the massive box office success of GOTG, it became clear that the Marvel brand can sell just about anything, including a film about a comic book most people haven’t read. Watch the Marvel SNL parody trailer that lampoons Ant-Man and reveals Marvel’s future slate of superheroes you’ve never heard of.



The second skit revolves around the premise of a young boy making a birthday wish that asks that his action figures come to life. Of course, his wish is granted and He-Man from Masters of the Universe and Lion-O from ThunderCats come alive making a rather funny and awkward appearance. Enjoy!

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