Watch ‘Crack Master’, The Long Lost ‘Sesame Street’ Cartoon Too Scary for Kids


On Thursday 31 December, 1975, Sesame Street Episode #818, aired “The Cracks”, an animated segment, in which a girl imagines the cracks on the walls of her house as various animals (a camel, a monkey, a hen) culminating in the monstrous “Crack Master.” The short (rumoured to have been created by animator Cosmo Anzilotti) developed an infamous reputation, as many people recount seeing it as children, and have posted their terrifying experiences on numerous forums. It was only shown eleven times before disappearing from public view. According to Dangerous Minds, in 2009, a man named Jon Armond managed to get a copy from an anonymous source under two conditions: the source’s identity must be kept an absolute secret, and the cartoon must never be distributed. Now the short is available on YouTube. Watch it below.


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