Watch Dane DeHaan shine as James Dean in the first trailer for ‘Life’


Biopics seem to be the trend these days. But who wouldn’t welcome one for such an iconic figure like James Dean? Well, now you can decide for yourself. The first trailer for the film Life was released today, and stars Dane DeHaan as James Dean and Robert Pattinson as Dennis Stock, the Life Magazine photographer who sees something special in the up-and-coming actor. This is Anton Corbijn’s (ControlThe American, and A Most Wanted Man) fourth feature film as a director, with a script written by Luke Davies (Candy). Here’s the synopsis:

A photographer for Life Magazine is assigned to shoot pictures of James Dean.

It’s always important for biopics to cast the right actor as their main subject, and by the looks of the trailer, DeHaan certainly has taken on the task to the best of his ability. While he may not physically look just like the iconic movie star, he surely has the appearance down, and adds his own spark. Even Pattinson manages to shine through in the trailer, showing definitively that his sparkly vampire years are over. The film also boasts great supporting actors Joel Edgerton and Ben Kingsley.

Life will be released this fall. Check out the trailer below.

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