Watch Das Racist’s Sundance Short, “Who’s That Brooown”

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Check out this short film, screened at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Who’s That Brooown is an 8-bit animated music video which follows the group Das Racist around New York city. Even more interesting, the video allows you to also play the game at the same time.

The Brooklyn based rap group is composed of Queens-born Himanshu Suri and San Francisco-born Victor Vazquez, joined by hype man Ashok Kondabolu, known as Dap, for live performances and in music videos. The group is known for their use of humor, obscure references, and unconventional style, which you can very well see in the video below.

Despite the fact that the group has been dismissed as joke rap, some of us believe they are instead a refreshing new voice in rap music.

Here is the description for the short film, via Cinamtical

“’Who’s That Brooown’ is an 8-bit animated music video that follows Das Racist around New York as they attempt to replace Jay-Z and Justin Bieber at a concert after their shared stretched hummer is hit by a meteor. Join the duo on an adventure that finds them battling yuppie gentrifiers on the subway, ducking golf balls in Murray Hill and crossing the East River without getting run over — all while randomly avoiding Sarah Palin in a bikini.”

Can you name all the game influences? Elevator Action is the first one, obviously the 3rd is Frogger, then Zelda and Tetris. But the 2nd game (with the fight on the Subway platform) and the final one (with the monsters on the buildings) are true old-school video games. Name those games!

Also visit this url, where you can play the real video game.

Also check out the group’s website

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