Watch Ethan Hawke and Asa Butterfield as father and son in trailer for ‘Ten Thousand Saints’

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As a rising star to watch out for, Asa Butterfield is proving his ability to go from mainstream to indie in the blink of an eye. From writer/directors Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini (American Splendor) comes the first trailer for their Sundance 2015 film Ten Thousand Saints, based on the book by Eleanor Henderson. Here’s the official synopsis.

Adapted from the novel by Eleanor Henderson, TEN THOUSAND SAINTS is a coming-of-age story about three teenagers in late 1980s New York City—Jude (Asa Butterfield), new to the city from Vermont, “straight-edge” musician Johnny (Emile Hirsch), and troubled, rich uptown girl Eliza (Hailee Steinfeld)—who break away from their messed-up parents (Ethan Hawke and Emily Mortimer) to form their own surrogate family.  Set in 1988, a time of great cultural upheaval—against the excesses of the decade, the AIDS epidemic and the gentrification of the city culminating in the infamous Tompkins Square Park riots—TEN THOUSAND SAINTS is a nostalgia trip to a bygone era of New York City.

Yet again we get to see Ethan Hawke play a not-so-perfect dad (as he did in Boyhood), which he appears to do with great ease. While one of the main aspects of the film seems to be the father-son relationship between Ethan Hawke and Asa Butterfield’s characters, it also heavily focuses on the punk rock time period and place in which it is set (New York City, late ’80s). It does look like that Hawke gives a scene-stealing performance in the film, but hopefully it will also give Butterfield as a straight-edge hardcore punk a chance to showcase a little versatility. The film also stars Hailee Steinfeld, Emile Hirsch, Emily Mortimer, and Julianne Nicholson.

Ten Thousand Saints hits theaters in the U.S. August 14. Check out the trailer below:

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