Watch ‘Factory Farmed’ – A 48 Hour Short Film from the Director of ‘Monsters’

Recently the Sound On Sight team entered a 48 hour film contest, a contest in which ten teams were assigned a sub-genre of horror to write, shoot and edit in less than two days. Along with the sub-genre (post apocalyptic) , we were also given a line of dialogue (“For God’s sake, don’t take the stairs”) to incorporate into the script, a prop (a cereal box) to be featured, and a murder weapon (scissors) to be used at least once. It was an incredible experience but also the most exhausting weekend of my life. After going almost two and a half days of no sleep, I fell ill and was sick in bed for the upcoming week. Shooting a short film is hard enough, but having to do it in such a short period of time is almost impossible. With that said I was blown away to see the results of another 48 hour short film, titled Factory Farmed.

The film embedded below is unfortunately not our film (although we do intend on posting ours this week), instead it is the short film by director Gareth Edwards.

Factory Farmed is a short film by the same director behind the 2010 sci-fi hit Monsters. It was part of the Sci-fi London’s 48 Hour Film Challenge, so in other words it too was written, shot, and edited in just 2 days. Considering the limited time, Factory Farmed is truly a stellar piece of film making.

The team (Rebel Alliance) working with Edwards had to incorporate two things into the film: A prop; a clear bottle with red or green liquid, and the line of dialogue, “I am required to carry out this task until completion: your orders do not override anything.” The result is a cross between THX-1138 and A Boy and His Dog, and the quality of the project is a testament to their talents.

Watch Factory Farmed after the break.

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