Watch: Find the ‘Loneliness of Sofia Coppola’ in this supercut



Nobody can quite capture the loneliness of life like director Sofia Coppola. Even in revolutionary France, there are those quiet moments between you and your thoughts.

Movement of Time decided to put these moments together in a supercut from Coppola’s filmography (Lost in Translation, Marie Antoniette, Somewhere, and The Bling Ring) with a focus on the characters and their lonely feelings throughout the films.

It also works as a nice highlight for some of the performances including Bill Murray in Lost in Translation and Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoniette. Coppola is able to find loneliness even in the biggest of sets and the films that the video focuses on are able to find that.

With Coppola moving to a live-action The Little Mermaid next, one has to wonder if she tries to apply this same technique to Ariel and the situation that she is in. While that may steer away from the Disney re-telling, it also opens up room for a new interpretation that could show why Coppola was selected to take on the subject.

It also is a nice display of her talent and a reminder of some of her better films (mainly Lost in Translation) and works as a reminder for those who haven’t seen them, to go hunt them down.

Loneliness of Sofia Coppola from movement_of_time on Vimeo.

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