Watch Jimmy Kimmel reunite half the ‘Friends’ cast to read bad fanfiction


One of the most well-known series of the 90s was the NBC sitcom Friends. Over the course of its 10-season run, the show about a group of acquaintances living in New York City garnered critical and commercial acclaim, with the stars going on to numerous individual projects since the show’s end. One of those projects is the feature film Life of Crime, which stars Jennifer Aniston. While on Jimmy Kimmel last night to promote the movie, Aniston was roped into reprising her character of Rachel to perform a piece of fan-fiction set in the show’s universe, and written by Kimmel himself, who confessed to being a fan of the show. Aniston and Kimmel were also joined by ex-Friends castmembers Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow in a perfect replica of one of the show’s sets, and the result can be seen in the video below. Courtney Cox can currently be seen on the TBS sitcom Cougar Town, while Kudrow will appear in November in the HBO show The Comeback.

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