Watch: Jonas Cuaron’s ‘Gravity’ Spinoff Short Film ‘Aningaaq’


During a pivotal scene in Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, Sandra Bullock’s character Ryan Stone finds herself running out of hope when trapped inside a Russian space capsule. During the sequence, she makes contact with a man down on earth who is speaking in a foreign language. What unfolds on the other end of that broken conversation, is the subject of a short film by Jonas Cuaron, son of director Alfonso Cuaron, who co-wrote the screenplay. The seven-minute companion piece which was financed by Warner Home Video, introduces Orto Ignatiussen as the title character, an Inuit fisherman on a remote fjord in Greenland, where the short was shot on location. Though it was originally made to be used as bonus content on the Blu-ray release, Warner Bros. has now decided to submit Aningaaq for Oscar consideration in the Best Short Film category due to the positive response it has received at festival screenings. Watch the short below. Enjoy!

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