Watch Leonardo DiCaprio fight a bear in the trailer for ‘The Revenant’


Director Alejandro G. Iñárritu swept the Academy Awards last year with Birdman, and now he’s back with something entirely different. Based on true events, The Revenant finds Leonardo DiCaprio taking on the role of Hugh Glass, the explorer who made a nearly 200-mile trek to civilization for vengeance after his fellow travelers left the frontiersman for dead and killed his only son. According to the first full-length trailer — neither a bear attack nor being left for dead is enough to stop DiCaprio’s character. Dicaprio’s performance looks amazing in this film, but can Leo finally win the Oscar he’s been chasing after his entire life? Check out the new trailer below which comes with DiCaprio’s great delivery of, “I ain’t afraid to die anymore, I’ve done it already.”

Here’s the official synopsis for The Revenant from 20th Century Fox:

Deep in the uncharted American wilderness, hunter Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is severely injured and left for dead by a traitorous member of his team, John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). With sheer will as his only weapon, Glass must navigate a hostile environment, a brutal winter, and warring Native American tribes in relentless quest to survive and exact vengeance on Fitzgerald.

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