Watch seven new short films set in the ‘Twilight’ universe and made by women filmmakers


One of the most commercially successful young adult franchises over the past decade has been the Twilight franchise, as the adaptations of the novels by Stephenie Meyer have drawn a sizable audience of the course of its four-movie run. With the last feature coming in 2012, news emerged last year that Meyer and Producing company Lionsgate would be revisiting the show’s universe with a number of short films.

This time around, however, the shorts themselves would be based on original stories set in the franchise’s universe, rather than adaptations of Meyer’s existing work. Joining Meyer and Lionsgate was the crowdsourcing platform Tongal and the organisation Women in Film, as the four groups combined to set up the contest. From over a thousand applications, the entries were whittled down to seven filmmakers, each of whom received $50,000 to make their short. A winner will be selected from the seven films, both from audience votes, and from a judges panel comprised of, among others, Meyer herself, Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, Frozen filmmaker Jennifer Lee, and actresses Kristen Stewart, Kate Winslet, and Octavia Spencer. Voting will begin Tuesday on the Tongal page for the competition, which can be found here. The shorts themselves can be seen below.

First up is Masque, by Cate Carson.


After that is Consumed, by Maja Fernqvist.


Next up is Sunrise, by Amanda Tasse.


Following that is The Mary Alice Brandon File, by Kailey Spear and Samantha Spear (The Spear Sisters).


The next short film is Turncoats, by Lindsey Hancock Williamson.


The following film in the lineup is We’ve Met Before, by Yulin Kuang.


The final film of the seven is The Groundskeeper, by Nicole Eckenroad.


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