Watch Spike Jonze’s “I’m Here”

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Spike Jonze, the director of Where the Wild Things Are, has written and directed a romantic 30 minute robot short film entitled, I’m Here. It is pretty neat and is presented/funded(?) by Absolut vodka. It is a story about a robot librarian who seems to be depressed about life until he meets the girl of his dreams that changes his life. I’m Here is beautifully shot with similarities to Where the Wild Things Are. It’s pretty cool, very indie of course, and sort of depressing. If you enjoyed WTWTA, you will most likely enjoy I’m Here.  Jonze/Absolut have released it online for limited viewing per day and you can check it out at its site: ImHereMovie. You “have to be” 21 or older to view since it is presented by Absolut.

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