Watch the Teaser for the Live-Action ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Beauty and the Beast

So apparently live-action adaptations of Disney classics are the new big thing. Or at least, the House of Mouse is trying very hard to make it the new big thing. From my perspective, it seems like it hasn’t quite caught on yet, since I recall Cinderella not making a massive splash. Still, their Alice in Wonderland movie made a fair amount at the box office, so I suppose the train rolls on. The latest of Disney’s back catalogue to go three-dimensional is Beauty and the Beast, courtesy of director Bill Condon, a director with a surprisingly varied filmography. There’s Gods and Monsters, his film about the late life of Frankenstein director James Whale, and more recently Mr Holmes, which was in many respects the same film but with Ian McKellan playing an elderly Sherlock Holmes and no hunky gardener. And then there’s the time he directed one of the Candyman sequels, and not one but two Twilight movies. So the man’s done aging directors, aging ace detectives, a slasher and two sparkly vampire flicks. Say this for the fellow, he isn’t letting himself get pigeon-holed.

The first teaser for Condon’s Beauty and the Beast is here, and before you watch it, bear in mind that teaser really is the operative word. The short tease doesn’t give us much in the way of looks at the film’s titular beast, the merest glimpse of Emma Watson as Belle, and some voice-only appearances of McKellan as Cogsworth and Ewan McGregor as Lumiere. Not much to say there besides that McKellan sounds like McKellan and that McGregor might need to practice his French accent a touch. What was that? “What if she is the Juan”?

Check out the teaser below…..go ahead….be my guest. Yeah, I hate me too.

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