Watch the animated short film ‘Odin’s Afterbirth’, about Vikings fighting supernatural entities

Odin's Afterbirth


Viking lore and supernatural creatures have often been ripe material for stories through numerous generations, extending even to the modern day. With The History Channel’s fictional series revolving around the exploits of real-life vikings, and Marvel’s currently successful comic book at movie series revolving around their version of the Norse God Thor, the stories continue to fascinate people across many mediums. Similarly, supernatural creatures have been the subject of a number of tales over time, with new ones being told every day in every medium.

Now Vimeo user and animator Joseph Bennett has brought the two together in a clash against each other. Titled Odin’s Afterbirth, the short film is animated, allowing for more visceral action that is taken advantage of. In addition to doing the animation, Bennett also provided some of the voices and edited the whole short, which had previously been released over a number of years in three parts. The three have now been stitched together into a complete short, however, which can be seen below.

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