Watch the Brandon Cronenberg directed video for JOOJ


In Brandon Cronenberg’s directorial debut, Antiviral – two competing companies in the thriving field of celebrity disease transfusions make it their business to harvest viruses from famous people and infect customers with clones of that virus, so they have, in essence, fallen ill from their favourite celebrity. If that wasn’t enough to send shivers down your spine, there’s also a black market for meat formed out of cloned celebrity muscle cells. Antiviral is a satire of celebrity fandom – a cold and clinical look at consumerism, modern technology, and the stuff that is making us a little less human. This isn’t much of a horror film, but it does conclude with an abrupt piece of ghoulishly vampiric symbolism. Now Cronenberg and DP Karim Hussain have teamed up once again to direct the music video for “Shoulder and Whispers,” which looks like the pilot episode of a Canadian version of American Horror Story.

“Shoulder and Whispers” is the new single from Sook-Yin Lee (Shortbus) and Adam Litovitz’s latest project Jooj. Yummy Fur creator Chester Brown also stars in the piece opposite Lee. Watch the video below. Enjoy!

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