Watch the first full trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming ‘The Hateful Eight’

Quentin Tarantino

Among one of the most recognisable names with film fans around the world is filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. Nuerous Tarantino films, including Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction, and Inglourious Basterds, have been critically and commercially acclaimed, with many excited by the news that Tarantino would soon be working on a new feature. The film, however, soon reached a roadblock, as the script was leaked, leading to Tarantino publicly calling off the project.

The project’s death was short-lived, however, and Tarantino resumed work on the film following a public script read. Titled The Hateful Eight, the synopsis is as follows.

In post-Civil War Wyoming, bounty hunters try to find shelter during a blizzard but get involved in a plot of betrayal and deception. Will they survive?

The film stars Samuel L Jackson, Walton Goggins, Bruce Dern, and Jennifer Jason Leigh, and is set to be released in US theatres on December 25th and Canadian theatres on January 8th. Following the release of a teaser prior to the beginning of production, the first full trailer has now been released. The trailer can be seen below.


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