Watch the first trailer for the rape culture-tackling new feature ‘Felt’


While Jason Banker is known mostly for his work as a cinematographer, primarily on documentaries, he has also garnered acclaim for his work in the director’s chair, in both documentaries and feature films. His upcoming feature Felt, however, indicates a new level of ambition on the part of both Banker and the film’s co-writer and star Amy Everson. The film’s summary is below.

Amy is hanging on by a thread…

Struggling to cope with past sexual trauma and the daily aggressions of a male-dominated society, she creates grotesquely costumed alter egos that re-appropriate the male form. While giving her the sense of power she craves, acting as these characters pushes her further into a world of her own making. When she begins a new relationship with a seemingly good guy, she opens herself up to him – but that vulnerability comes at a dangerous cost, and her alter egos threaten to lash out in explosive violence.

Making her film debut both as a co-writer and onscreen performer, Everson drew from both her art and her real-life experiences for the film’s script, and won the Next Wave award for Best Actress at the 2014 Fantastic Fest. In her review for Sound on Sight, Pamela Fillion had this to say, among other things.

The combination and collaboration of Everson’s art and Banker’s filmic method is striking. In this genre film, there is horror on multiple levels. I, for one, find the film deeply personal, heartbreaking, and tragic.

A trailer for the film has now been released, and can be seen below. Felt will be released in US theatres on June 26th, and on digital platforms on July 21st.

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