Watch The Third Video Blog For ‘The Hobbit’ With An Early Look At Hugo Weaving & Cate Blanchett

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The night before Comic-Con began, director Peter Jackson released his third video blog on Facebook to reveal that The Hobbit would not be coming to San Diego – as if we didn’t already know that. In any case, Jackson did confirm to appear next year in preparation for the release of the Hobbit movies. This latest peek behind the making of the two films spends most of its times focused on the thirteen dwarves, the same dwarves who’s photos have been popping up online daily for about a week.

Check out the video and Jackson’s message to fans posted below.

Via The Playlist

“Good news and bad news today. Bad news is that we won’t be doing any Hobbit presentation at Comic Con in San Diego this year. New Line and Warner Bros were very happy to support a presentation, but I declined, simply because I felt it was too early. There’s so much more of the films still to shoot. I just wanted to get that out there, because I’ve seen various references to the possibility of something Hobbity at Comic Con. Hate to disappoint anyone. But something tells me we will be there in force next year.
Now for the good news…
We’ve just finished a new video blog, covering a little more of the first block of shooting. So please enjoy this—at least you don’t have to travel to San Deigo to see it!
I’ve been on the go since wrapping the first shooting block, but I’m about to settle down and get into the much delayed 20 Questions. I’ve a few half-written and will get those done very, very soon! I promise!
Peter J

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