Watch the Top 5 Bumpers For Fantastic Fest 2015


Birth.Movies.Death has just announced the Top 5 finalists of their bumper contest for Fantastic Fest 2015. The competition titled Remake / Rip Off / Rampage challenged filmmakers to recreate iconic scenes using only actors who were younger than 12 or older than 65. With nearly 150 entries, they’ve managed to narrow it down to four finalists and have also announced the Audience Award Winner which went to to Ryan Gates’ Oldbird. Watch all five videos below and be sure to visit our site in the upcoming weeks as we will be covering the film festival once again this year. Enjoy!

Here’s the list of films:

Ryan Gates’ Oldbird

Dan Koontz’s The Exoorcist 

Mauriece Jacks, Jr.’s The Graduate In 30 Seconds 

Joe Nicolosi’s The Jury

Matthew Gary’s Macaron


The Top 5 bumpers will be presented by Doug Benson before his Movie Interruption of Roar on Wednesday, September 30, and the grand prize winner will be selected by the audience there. Let us know which is your favourite.

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