Watch the trailer for ‘One Day in April’, a Little 500 documentary


The Little 500 bicycle race that takes place in Bloomington, IN is known for two things: for being one of the craziest times for parties on a college campus, and for being one of the most exciting college sporting events in the country. Both amount to the title “The World’s Greatest College Weekend.”

For Indiana University alums like myself, memories of Little Five strike a chord. The movie Breaking Away, a fictional account of local riders (or “Cutters”) participating in the race, is essential viewing for IU students. And the 200 lap, 50 mile, relay bike race is a thrilling experience, perhaps only second to the real Indy 500.

So we were thrilled to discover that a documentary, One Day in April, was being made about the race and that the film would be getting its World Premiere at the upcoming Cinequest Festival on February 28. Directed by Thomas Miller, a former IU student, the film follows four teams as they train for the race during the 2013 and 2014 seasons. Sound on Sight has an exclusive look at the trailer for One Day In April ahead of its premiere. Watch it below, along with another exclusive clip:

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