Watch the trailer for the New Zealand horror-comedy ‘Deathgasm’


The horror comedy genre has seen many lauded entries over the years, from Mel Brooks’ 1974 feature Young Frankenstein to the 2010 film Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. The latest entry in the sub-genre comes from New Zealand, as writer-director Jason Lei Howden makes his feature film debut with Deathgasm. The film’s synopsis is below.

A pack of metalhead outcasts in a small New Zealand town form a band and make the mistake of performing accursed riffs off an ancient page of sheet music, releasing total hell on their hated suburban neighbourhood. They may not love their neighbours, but they’d also prefer not to be responsible for the end of the world. Blood will spray, pinch harmonics will shriek, monsters will annihilate, and the most balls-out heavy metal horror/comedy you could ever imagine is about to shake your foundations. Bang. Your. Heads.

The film will be playing at the upcoming Fantasia International Film Festival, where it will be making its Canadian premiere, and stars Kimberly Crossman and Milo Cawthorne. The trailer can be seen below.

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