Watch this clever mashup of ‘The Big Lebowski’ and ‘Mulholland Drive’

The Dude and Walter

The Dude and Walter

The Coen Brothers and David Lynch come from two seemingly different worlds, and two of their greatest films each, The Big Lebowski and Mulholland Drive, may be miles apart on the surface, but they’re both idiosyncratic films of feelings and identity that have beguiled the modern generation of cinephiles and filmmakers.

Sound on Sight’s own Jae Renfrow and his wife Gail noticed some of the overlap between the two films and have made a hybrid short film and video essay entitled Lebowski Drive, a mashup of the Coens and Lynch in a way that changes the sensations of both.

From their video description:

By doing this we seek to show not only similarities between the films, but to use the new narrative created by this restructuring as a way of commenting on feelings and ideas we had while watching them. Thanks to Mark Pellegrino for being in both movies, and thus kickstarting our imagination.

Watch the video via Vimeo and below. The video is NSFW for nudity, sexuality and language.

LEBOWSKI DRIVE from Jae et Gail on Vimeo.

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