Watch this Great Short Film, “Somnolence”

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Patrick Kalyn, a Canadian filmmaker and Emmy nominated visual effects animator, has just completed work on a new sci-fi short film titled Somnolence. The short was made in two days for an estimated $10, 000 using Red Cameras , and shot on Spec in 2 days. Kalyn is no stranger to the film busineness, having already working on such films as Avatar, District 9, I, Robot, King Kong, X-Men: The Last Stand and television series like Stargate SG-1. He’s a director to look out for, so be sure to watch the video below.

Here is the official plot synopsis:

“By 2031, the Earth has exhausted its supply of fossil fuels. With the world on the verge of collapse, nations from around the globe form a coalition called AREN; the ‘Manhattan Project’ of clean self-replenishing energy. When an experiment goes wrong that threatens the world’s existence, David Canterra and a team of elite soldiers are sent on a mission to stop the anomaly. What they find is a mind-bending alternate dimension, and their only way home is through the fabric of time.”

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