Watch This Killer Short Film ‘Legend of Beaver Dam’ – One Of The Best Shorts You Will See This Year!

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The horror musical short film by Jerome Sable & Eli Batalion is literally one of those films that has to be seen to be believed. Outrageous, over-the-top, bloody, profane and one of the biggest highlights in the fifteen years of the Fantasia Film Festival. Few short films look and sound so good. Delirious, demented and diabolically funny, Legend is the start of a very promising career from filmmaking team Jerome Sable and Eli Batalion.

After a campfire story summons an evil monster, it is up to one nerdy kid, Danny Zigwitz to save his fellow campers! Heads will roll and blood will spill in this unique short, a musical / slasher / ghost story that is likely funnier and more entertaining than most feature length films you’ll see this year.

Destined to be a legendary short film, Legend of Beaver Dam has first time audiences singing along by the end. The gallons of jet-propelled blood, excellent cast, great special effects and clever twist, make this an absolute must-see for any self respected fan of the genre.

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