Watch Tom Cruise get killed repeatedly in ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ supercut

Edge of Tomorrow
Edge of Tomorrow, aka Live. Die. Repeat. aka All You Need is Kill aka Groundhog Day With Aliens aka Untitled Warner Bros. Tom Cruise/Emily sci-fi project, was one of the more pleasant surprises of the summer. Doug Liman’s film was a lively, smart, even funny action spectacle that proved why Tom Cruise is truly the only actor who can handle large scale studio fare like this. Too bad no one saw it.
The premise involves a futuristic war between humans and aliens in which Tom Cruise is unwillingly enlisted as a recruit and finds that each time he dies in battle, he comes back to life. His commanding officer played by Emily Blunt then turns him into a weapon to use against the aliens until the war is won.
Now in anticipation of the Blu-Ray release of the film October 7, the studio has released a supercut of Tom Cruise dying over and over again during the course of the movie (by my count from this video, 16 times). It does a good job of showing the film’s more self-aware, humorous side in a way the original trailers made it seem all toil and portent. Watch the video via Facebook below.

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