Watch the trailer for the Quay Brothers tour curated by Christopher Nolan


For anyone who is eager for a new Christopher Nolan project, your need may just be satiated.  It was announced last month that Nolan’s short documentary about the Quay brothers was complete and would be featured in an 11-city theatrical tour, entitled The Quay Brothers in 35mm, that Nolan curated. And the trailer for the tour has been released, and it looks like it’s going to be a creepy good time.

Now not everyone may be familiar with brothers Timothy and Stephen Quay, two American animators who have been creating stop motion films since the 80s. By the looks of the trailer, the works of the Quay brothers are haunting and riveting creations that deserve to be celebrated. Their films that will be featured in this tour are In Absentia (2000), The Comb (1991), and Streets of Crocodiles (1986), along with Nolan’s short documentary titled Quay. For more information on the tour, check out the official website for Zeitgeist Films.

The Quay Brothers in 35mm tour starts August 19 in New York City, which will also be the world premiere of Nolan’s documentary Quay. Check out the trailer for the tour below.

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