Wednesday Comedy Roundup: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia 9.02, The League 5.02

Always Sunny S09E02
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 9, Episode 2, “Gun Fever Too: Still Hot”
Directed by Todd Biermann
Written by Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney
Airs Wednesdays at 10pm (EST) on FXX

Following last’s week solid season premiere, “Gun Fever Too: Still Hot” features a mass of even better moments. Operating like a “many years later” sequel to season 1’s “Gun Fever”, episode two of this season consists of The Gang getting super heated over gun control issues in Philly. The episode begins with a brilliant opening: Frank chomping down a sandwich and ranting about how more guns are needed on the streets, followed by a great scene which leads the gang to realise they’re hot about the opposite things.

There’s a lot going on in “Gun Fever Too: Still Hot”, but each character’s elaborate storyline ties together cleverly. Sure they are for guns, Charlie and Mac head down to a middle school and offer up their services as security. From the moment we see them sitting in the Principal MacIntyre’s (Dave Foley returns) office in eagle shirts, it’s evident they’re going to provide the best scenes this week. Their highlight is set outside of the school where the pair honestly believe they are protecting the school by waving about their weapons.

Dennis and Dee’s scenes are almost as entertaining as Mac and Charlie’s this week, all thanks to angry Dee. The sibling’s beliefs lead them to Gunther’s Guns as they try to prove how easy it is to acquire a firearm. Both Dennis and Dee act obnoxiously as usual, but it’s Dee’s angry reaction to failing the background check that steals the scene. Her justification alone is simply hilarious.

All of the characters scenes seem to build to a payoff as big as last week’s, but nothing much comes of it. Having said that, it’s still amusing to see both teams return to Paddy’s not only changing their tune completely, but not having learned a lesson at all, and listening to Frank all over again.

The League S05E02
The League, Season 5, Episode 2, “The Von Nowzick Wedding”
Directed by Jeff Schaffer
Written by Jeff Schaffer and Jackie Marcus Schaffer
Airs Wednesdays at 10:30pm (EST) on FXX

Similarly to the part one of the two-week premiere, “The Von Nowzick Wedding” isn’t a particularly great episode, but there are indeed a few standout moments. For all the characters, fantasy football comes before anything else. And their league consists of an evident hierarchy where Andre is at the bottom and Ruxin is usually on top. Since last week’s premiere the hierarchy has been completely thrown around, and the “The Von Nowzick Wedding” is all about restoring that order. Unfortunately the results aren’t as amusing as they could be.

For a very short part of the episode Andre has the upper hand, as he naively thinks the guys are behaving themselves. As Jenny is always able to outsmart the guys, she convinces Ruxin to take over her “Gander” duties in exchange for voting him back in the league. These scenes are entertaining as they provide the audience with a less obnoxious and more stroppy Ruxin. From this point onwards, the episode is packed with everything we’ve come to enjoy about The League. The importance of the league ruins the rehearsal dinner completely, as the guys give speeches in code trying to trade players, showing the restoration of the group’s usual hierarchy; not a single one of them care about how this will play out for Andre.

“The Von Nowzick Wedding” is at its funniest when revisiting old jokes. Once again, Kevin soils himself publicly, which is then followed by Ruxin, crying out, “FOREVER UNCLEAN!”. There seems to be a lot more emphasis on jokes about Pete and Kevin’s “marriage” so far this season. It’s Kevin’s reactions that make these remarks even more amusing. Pete is a completely unentertaining character; if they brought back his now ex-wife and explored that relationship some more, it would make him more interesting. Adam Brody is proving to be a hilarious new addition to the cast, but more of Rafi’s presence is sorely needed.

Now that normality has been restored, the season can now hopefully begin in earnest.

– Catstello

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