Wednesday Poster Round-Up

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1. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows pt. 2: Grade C

I’m still very much unimpressed by the marketing for this film. Every poster seems to be the same drab looking design, but at least this poster is somewhat menacing looking.

2. The Conspirator: Grade C

Speaking of drab, perhaps this poster is the perfect marketing tool for what appears to be one of the more uninteresting films of the year.

3. Flypaper: Grade B-

It might be a little yellow overload, but it has a clever little spark of sexiness and fun, and a new wave sensibility.

4. One Day: Grade B

The coloring is subtle and gives off a hazy, dream-like quality. The splashes of muted pink and yellow complement the mood nicely too.

5. Captain America: Grade C-

Everything I’ve seen from this film is incredibly obnoxious, from the overt opaque coloring to constantly remind the viewer of the time period the film takes place in, to this poster. Does everything need to be on fire and/or exploding?

6. The Whistleblower: Grade C-

A lot of images thrown about this poster, and none of them are interesting.

7. Delhi Belly: Grade B

I love the delicate, washed out coloring juxtaposed with the gritty violence and ugliness. The tagline seems pretty unnecessary however.

8. Tuker and Dale vs. Evil: Grade B+

A fun, bloody little Grindhouse throwback. Funny, this actually is the second best Grindhouse style poster in the Round-Up this week.

9. Tyrannosaur: Grade A+

It’s a moody, gloomy, atmospheric poster. It’s the capturing of gray lonely fantasies.

10. The Legend of The Psychotic Forest Ranger: Grade A+

Okay, the Grindhouse revival is starting to wear thin, and is no longer the sweet, ironic bit of nostalgia is started out as, but has fallen into the lazy and cheap pit falls of the Grindhouse heyday, but look at this poster. It is a beautiful mash of cheeky violence. I want to see this poster on  an old VHS cover in a dingy video store.

– James Merolla


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  1. Brad Mills says

    Hey James thanks a lot for the A+ rating for The Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger.

    The artist behind this brilliant throwback piece is Tom Hodge from The Dude Designs.

    If anyone wants to follow us on Facebook to find out when the film will be released, head over to – we’ll be giving away some posters to folks who subscribe!



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