Wednesday Poster Round-Up

1. The Dark Knight Rises: Grade C

It seems like nearly every poster for Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy tries so desperately to have a subtle, yet distinct impact, but they just can’t seem to fit that mindset into such a big and anticipated idea. It’s like a fat man trying to squeeze into a child’s suit.

2. Amigos: Grade D

This poster is trying a bit too hard.

3. 1911: Grade D

There are some posters that just feel like ads for films, which all of them essentially are, but what separates the good from the bad is the artistic flair, which this poster has none of. It is a cut and pasted poster, without much attention to what little detail it has.

4. Straw Dogs: Grade B-

As much as I love Alexander Skarsgard, I can’t help but think this poster would be a little sleeker without his image cropped into the broken glasses.

5. Salt of Life: Grade B

The ruffled, faded color gives this poster the feeling that it is a frame from a witty and satirical comic from an old crumbled newspaper, great look.

6. The Hedgehog: Grade C-

It’s cute and understated, with a discreet French charm.

7. The Muppets: Grade B

Memories of my childhood are rushing back as I look at some of my favorite characters. What better way to get people excited for the muppet movie than a big pile of muppets?

8. 50/50: Grade B

Why do I like this poster? It made me laugh. Artistically it may be lacking, though it has a catchy off-beat sensibility, it is the face of Seth Rogen, which also offsets the graveness of the subject matter, that makes this poster good.

9. The Thing: Grade B+

I love the simplicity of the design, particularly the overwhelming black, coupled that with the slight, but creepy image.

10. Bellflower: Grade A

It might be a little over-the-top, but when did that ever hurt anything? What I like particularly about this poster is the yellow wash that it has over it, giving it that retro mood and expression.

– James Merolla


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