Wednesday Poster Round-Up

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1. Our Idiot Brother: Grade C

I always love to start off the Round-Up with a perfectly mediocre poster, this week’s opening slice of mediocrity is brought you you by My Idiot Brother. I think it might be the generic looking dog that is the mediocre cherry on top.

2. Father’s Day: Grade B-

The campy throwbacks are getting a little tired, but the posters are still bloody fun.

3. Gandhi to Hitler: Grade C

This poster is a little trite and blunt. It is also rather flat and lacking in detail.

4. Pearl Jam Twenty: Grade C

Sometimes I think I’m the only person on earth who doesn’t like Pearl Jam. I apologize, but I find their music to be as unremarkable as this poster.

5. Son of No One: Grade D

This is just a mishmash of ugliness. We have the random shots from the film lacking any kind of informative context, all just crammed together, and the lynch pin is a haggard looking Al Pacino.

6. Battleship?

They still haven’t pulled the curtain aside to reveal that this movie is a joke yet?

7. The Ides of March: Grade B

This poster has a great paranoid, Manchurian Candidate-esque feel to it.

8. Red State: Grade B-

Another decent poster from the anticipated film from Kevin Smith. The posters have all stayed consistent with the stylish, gritty weathered look.

9. Bird of The Air: Grade B+

I love the vibrant colors and the playful illustration.

10. Twixt: Grade A

There were a number of great posters for this film to chose from, but there was something quiet, and subtly disturbing about this particular one. There is an innocence in the pink hues, but a menacing feeling in the darkness that seems to be creeping in.



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