Wednesday Poster Round-Up

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1. Like Crazy: Grade C

The soft hazy feel is pretty, but this poster feels a little too much like a high school day dream.

2. Three Musketeers: Grade F

The only thing that looks like more of a mess than the film is this poster.

3. The Hunter: Grade C+

This poster is overtly melodramatic, which is why, despite the color of the landscape, and feel of Dafoe’s character, it rings a little hollow.

4. Orator: Grade C

Here is the winner of my indifferent award this week. I’ve stared at this poster for about 15 minutes, but cannot muster any thoughts on it at all. There had to be something I found interesting about it if I chose it. Maybe it is the somewhat obvious attempt to make this film look like an epic tale.

5. Apollo 18: Grade B

I like the the chaos and fear depicted in this poster, however, the tagline is just terrible.

6. Sing Your Song: Grade B+

A simple, and strong image of a musical icon.

7. Behzat C.: Grade B

I like this poster simply because I enjoy the texture of the dirt, and the way it clashes with the pale skin. The dirt also looks very healthy and plentiful.

8. An Insignificant Harvey: Grade B

The blending of the off-white into the cool crisp white gives almost a sunny optimism to an otherwise bluesy feel.

9. Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life: Grade A

The portrait of cool. We see a man that oozes sexual dialogue, and smooth, deliberate movements.

10. Drive: A+

The modern day cowboy, the anti-hero, the poster child for rebellious, anti-authority, made even better with the flair of sexy pink. Ryan Gosling looks like this generation’s James Dean.


James Merolla

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