Wednesday Poster Round-Up

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1. Mysteries of Lisbon: Grade B-

This poster provides a somewhat clever way of inserting critic blurbs, but it still looks a little messy. However, the use of color (the deep greens and black) looks great.

2. Red Tails: Grade D

I wouldn’t say this is an ugly poster, but it does look like a screen cap from a video game.

3. Safe: Grade C+

I like the rough looking grittiness of this poster, but I can’t help but feel I’ve seen this before. Beyond that grit it doesn’t have much to say.

4. Kokowaah: Grade C

It’s cute, sweet, and simple, with a big block of text to distract the eye from the simple sweetness.

5. Machine Gun Preacher: Grade C

I can’t tell if this is supposed to be funny, but I am laughing nonetheless. I am hoping that this poster was put together with a stern and serious face.

6. American Reunion: Grade F

I can’t help but believe that if people involved in this project had fledgling careers, we’d be spared this mess.

7. In Time: Grade C

There are a lot of C grades this week, and the sexiness of Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake is the only thing that earns this poster that grade, otherwise it is pretty mundane and unoriginal.

8. Kill List: Grade B

I love the haunting and fierce look of this poster, but the critic blurbs rob it of some of its flair.

9. Drive: Grade A

Maybe I should finally admit to my man-crush on Ryan Gosling, but there is an undeniable smooth sexiness to him that the posters for Drive do well to exploit.

10. Carnage: Grade A

We have four of the more expressive faces in film today in an Andy Warhol-esque style. It’s not beyond anything we’ve seen before, but it is just daring enough to stick out in the crowd.


– James Merolla

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