Wednesday Poster Round-Up

1. Six Degrees of Hell: Grade C-

It is vaguely disturbing, and if not for the fact that it looks so cheaply put together it might be a good poster.

2. Limelight: Grade C

A slightly odd looking poster that is reliant on the critic blurbs. The images seem very out of focus.

3. The Big Year: Grade C

Playful and colorful, and a fun reflection of the three actors on-screen personas.

4. Vamps: Grade C+

It’s a sexy and vibrant poster, not wholly original, but it does jump out.

5. House: Grade B

I love it’s simplicity, letting the over-the-top character be a foreboding figure in our minds.

6. Knuckle: Grade B

I like the ugly grittiness, and the muted splash of red against the gray image.

7. The Rum Diary: Grade C+

The first poster for a long anticipated film leaves a lot of room for want. But it is difficult to be too hard on it, considering it is a teaser.

8. Young Adult: Grade B+

A creative design, particularly the illustrated image, and the hipster pink and green.

9. Rescue Me: Grade B+

‘Understated’ is the word for this poetic reflection on an entire series, and a beloved character.

10. Pariah: Grade A+

What a beautiful shade of moody purple, and negative space to frame the reflection. My only complaint, you guessed it, a little too much text. Let the image breathe a little more.

– James Merolla





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