Wednesday Poster Round-Up Featuring posters for Melancholia and Snowballs

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1. I Melt With You: Grade C

This poster seems to think it’s cooler than it actually is. I think the only shot that is interesting at all is that of Jeremy Piven.

2. Melancholia: Grade B-

This is a case where anticipation, and early reviews of the film demand a little more from its posters. It looks great, I particularly like the dreamy feel to it, but one would expect more.

3. The Last Ride: Grade C+

A great shot of a wide open space seemingly swallowing the traveling man. The problem is, that open space is needlessly filled with distracting text.

4. The Rum Diary: Grade B

Much more expressive and fun than last week’s poster. This poster gives us a little more insight into the chaotic nature of the character and the film itself.

5. Trou Story: Grade B

This poster may not be an artistic feat, but it certainly tickles one’s curiosity and want to know the story.

6. Hysteria: Grade C

Something feels missing about this poster, perhaps the distinct lack of detailing in the poster within the poster, but I enjoy it’s simplicity.

7. The Human Centipede 2: Grade B

Thanks to my friend Denise Cruz for bringing this disturbing poster to my attention. There is something so incredibly uneasy about the way the bodies are tangled together. It’s what nightmares are made of.

8. Don’t be Afraid of The Dark: Grade B+

There still hasn’t been a bad poster for this film. All of them, including this one, have had a playful, fairytale design, but with sinister detailing.

9. 11 Flowers: Grade A

Perfectly evocative, there is something distinctly rebellious about the smiling faces.

10. Snowballs: Grade A+

This is a gorgeous, haunting beauty. The layer of soot adding a contemplative detail, as if this is something forgotten or neglected.

– James Merolla


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