Wednesday Poster Round-Up Featuring the New Poster for Mission Impossible

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1. Paul Goodman Changed My Life: Grade B

This may be from that era after all, but what I love about this poster is the look of a depression era photo. Every crease in who I assume is Paul Goodman’s face, seems to have a life of its own.

2. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol: Grade C-

The vertigo inducing shot is very cool, but the design of the titles, not so much.

3. Amanha Nunca Mais: Grade C

I really like the shade of blue used, not typical of many posters, but the text used for the title is a little too typical and unimagined.

4. Lost in Fog: Grade C-

Everything seems crammed and bunched together. There is no room to breathe in this poster.

5. Battle of Warsaw 1920: Grade C+

The design feels a bit like clip art, and there is a lot of clutter to it, but call me a romantic, the sentiment is appealing.

6. The Other F Word: Grade B+

This is a playful, fun poster, with a graffiti-like feel.

7. Freak Dance: Grade B

It’s crude, but this poster is hilarious. Let’s hope the movie is the same.

8. Wiebos War: Grade C+

It is a bit pandering, and there seems to be a lack of attention to detail, overall though, I like the doomy look of it.

9. Exhumed: Grade A

This is a creepy, haunting poster. My only real problem with it is all the mannequins look like Brittany Spears.

10. La Sublevacion: Grade A+

Okay, I know it looks like an amusing greeting card (not including the nudity) but there is something wonderfully human and poetic about this poster.

– James Merolla



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