Wednesday Poster Round-Up Featuring the new poster for Sherlock Holmes

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1. Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows: Grade C-

A painfully typical poster using the destruction of a familiar landmark to catch our eyes. Haven’t we learned anything from Roland Emmerich?

2. The Mighty Macs: Grade C

The most inspiring mediocre poster I’ve seen in years.

3. The Human Centipede 2: Grade B

It is sexy and exploitative, and you can’t help but squirm.


4. J. Edgar: Grade B

I think this film looks like another dull biopic, but that isn’t the fault of this poster, which is wonderfully garish.

5. Shame: Grade A

Simple and evocative. You can feel every groove and spring in that bed.

6. To Gala: Grade B

There is nothing particularly remarkable about this poster, but I love the framing, and the color.

7. Young Goethe in Love: Grade B

This poster certainly has the fairytale feel to it, complete with what looks to be a decaying castle or villa.

8. Alps: Grade A

So odd and playful in its simplicity. I particularly like the underexposed look.

9. Haywire: Grade A

I’m not crazy about the broken glass look, but the image itself is sharp and stylish.

10. Night of The Living Dead: Grade A+

There isn’t much to be said about this poster, it’s perfect. It is one of the very few posters I’ve seen that I would like to have on my wall.

– James Merolla



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