Wednesday Poster Round-up Featuring the new poster for The Innkeepers

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A few months ago I tried a minimalist approach to the poster write-ups. Well, the spirit of brevity has whisked me away once again, so you are in for a treat of reading the first thought that enters my mind about each poster. Think of it as a Rorschach test with posters.

1. The Vow: Grade C-

Cute, sappy, unrealistic romance. So many beautiful people in love.

2. My Week with Marilyn: Grade B

Michelle Williams, will you marry me?

3. The Hunger Games: Grade D

Jennifer Lawrence under a veil of photoshopped perfection. You deserve better Jennifer.

4. Lucky Trouble: Grade C

Green is the color of lovely, but not lovely enough to break the generic look of this poster.

5. Sherlock Holmes: Grade F

Try as it might, there is nothing heroic about this awful looking poster.

6. Safe House: Grade C

What’s wrong with the shape of Denzel’s head?

7. Kurtulus Son Durak: Grade B

Is there a better color combo than pink and black? Yes there is, Red and black.

8. Shame: Grade B

That’s not Michael Fassbender’s stomach.

9. Madison County: Grade A

Love the pulpy camp. It reminds me of an even more demented Kentucky Fried Movie.

10. The Innkeepers: Grade A

If The Evil Dead and The Exorcist had a baby, the invitation to that baby’s first birthday party would look like this poster.

– James Merolla

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  1. Justine says

    lol yea, totally not Fassbender’s tummy or hand.

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